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Enterprise Software. Advanced Web. Mobile Apps.

We assist businesses in clearly defining organizational goals & determining whether current system meets the goals, where they fail, & how they can be improved. Providing a customized solution is actually a complex process & requires deep expertise in the respective domain. Over the period of years, our team of experts with vast experience of working in diverse fields & technologies, has learned to overcome challenges & complexities to deliver you best-performing product.

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Our dedicated team model (DTM) covers you when you are running short of hands. We offer competent certified world-class IT professionals. You can start hiring from one remote employee on Part-time leasing basis to a team of 10 onsite programmers on Full-time leasing basis. We maintain scalable, well-balanced, mature and well-trained developers that are handpicked to handle your SCRUM process, SPRINT releases, daily STAND-UPS and to take care of your BACKLOGS...


No matter how complex the application is - you can count on Synastute to deliver it with guaranteed quality & rapid execution. To develop enterprise-wide and mission-critical systems, Synastute can be the most reliable offshore business partner for you.


Whether it’s a Startup or a Billion $ brand, if you looking to leverage Mobility, Synastute is the right partner for you. Synastute has got a rich mobile application development experience across all mobile platforms.


Enhance effectiveness and ROI for your customers by employing flawless processes, right tools, a proficient team and flexible business models of Synastute. Our rich experience in testing helps us to improve software quality at reduced cost.


Our web design team stands apart from the rest of the world by the power of our design imaginations & creations. At Synastute, a leading offshore web development service provider, we design, program and manage leading-edge web sites and e-business applications which translates into measurable results for an organization.


Start hiring from one remote employee on Part-time leasing basis with a team of 10 programmers on Full-time leasing basis. Spend more hours working with your customers, increase your productivity, save on your bottom line, gain access to a large pool of extremely talented and experienced professionals and build an extension of your own office.

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#Joint-Venture (JV) model

Build your own dedicated delivery center | #Make in India

For emerging businesses around the globe, Synastute offers an opportunity to build their "own" dedicated delivery centers by virtue of JV model of partnering. Using JV model, Synastute leverages its facilities, infrastructure, domain expertise, expert engineers and delivers business value beyond mere offshore advantages. Because of the increased quality, lowered costs, faster turnaround times and 24 X 7 X 365 support, our JV model has gained unique importance & value in a very short time.