Engagement Models

Outsourcing @ Synastute

Synastute’s Engagement Models meet the diverse needs of its global clients and enable them to surround themselves with quality human beings that are intelligent and have a vision.

Outsourcing @ Synastute

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Synastute offers multiple engagement models to meet diverse needs of global clients and to provide the most appropriate teamwork and partnership working arrangement for each client’s needs. This allows Synastute to provide service and support that are reliable and customer centric.

Dedicated Team Model (DTM)

Breaking the time and distance barriers, our dedicated team model (DTM) offers the businesses’ ability to dedicate to their projects, a full control of in-house staff with the financial advantages of offshore development. We provide competent certified world-class IT professionals. Through such dedicated facilities, we offer the best skill sets, resources, flexibility and time-to-market advantages to our clients, taking all necessary efforts to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). All rights to the IPR developed in the development facility vests with the client. The dedicated facility also provides a cost-effective solution to customers requiring continuous offshore support. For such dedicated relationships, we also implement customer-specific quality/process frameworks and teams are trained for the specific needs of a Client.

Dedicated Team Model
Milestone Based Billing

Milestone Based Billing

This option works best for clients who are concerned about progress in remote projects; milestones-based payment schedules reinforce progress monitoring. It helps justify payment based on achievable milestone and visible progress reduces risks for large-sized projects.

Time & Material / Effort based pricing

In the Effort based pricing model (time and material model), the project cost is a function of the total project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed. This engagement model is particularly useful in contexts where the projects are quite complex and are prone to specification and design changes midstream. This model gives customers greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification on an ongoing basis and modifying the specifications based on the changing market needs.

Effort based pricing
Fixed Price Model

Fixed Time / Fixed Price Model

Synastute offers its clients a fixed time / fixed price model when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. Under this low-risk model, we work with clients to define expected deliverables and timelines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price. This model is best suited for small projects or large projects when the scope, schedules and requirements of the project can be precisely documented.

Synastute initiates documentation project scope and specifications before starting the project work. Our refined process guarantees reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects and assures on-time and on-budget outcomes. The total cost and timeline of the development is agreed in written prior to the start of the project. Then we select the most suitable development team and technologies and management resources to accomplish the project as agreed. As the project specs and deliverables are clearly defined prior to the project start, this model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.


#Joint-Venture (JV) model

Build your own dedicated delivery center | #Make in India

For emerging businesses around the globe, Synastute offers an opportunity to build their "own" dedicated delivery centers by virtue of JV model of partnering. Using JV model, Synastute leverages its facilities, infrastructure, domain expertise, expert engineers and delivers business value beyond mere offshore advantages. Because of the increased quality, lowered costs, faster turnaround times and 24 X 7 X 365 support, our JV model has gained unique importance & value in a very short time.