Offshore Application Testing

Our best practices and comprehensive software and
application testing services maximize value for customer’s QA
investments and address quality from a business ROI perspective.

With a commitment to excellence and a service-first attitude, Synastute provides its customers a level of confidence in the application, ensuring that the application meets its intended business needs, has zero defect, and high quality. Synastute’s software and application testing services are aimed at providing cutting edge services to its customers in terms of robustness, quality, cost effectiveness and faster time-to-market. Synastute’s cutting edge testing practices and skilled resources with sharp testing mindset delivers value for each dollar spent by its customer for software and application testing purpose. From Risk-based Testing to Independent Verification and Validation, Synastute provides complete testing services that live up to new technologies breaking up into the markets.

What makes Synastute’s Software and Application
Testing Services unique?
Software And Application Testing Services
  • Early risk identification and mitigation
  • Independent verification and validation of software application
  • Strict adherence to IEEE standard compliance (IEEE 829, IEEE 730)
  • Security of customers intellectual property
  • Core focus on domain and technology based testing
  • Risk-based testing, including planning and implementation
  • Expert resources well acquainted with the emerging tools, technologies and strategies

Benefits from Synastute’s software and application testing service

Synastute’s testing services span across different industry verticals ranging from Finance to E-Commerce, Mobile and Wireless, Manufacturing and Engineering, Media and Entertainment and many more to help its customer to pace with the day-to-day business needs of the industry. Synastute guarantees the highest level of information security for customer’s proprietary and/or confidential information like business secrets, pricing and marketing data, business strategy, application codes, or any such information that leads to breach in security while engaging with testing activities. This helps customers gain confidence and be rest assured while off shoring their testing activities to Synastute.

  • Improved software quality at affordable cost
  • Reduction in product release cycles by managing risk and cost
  • Faster time to market

overall testing process as follows

Quality Assurance

We initiate customer engagement with a stringent assessment of QA (Quality Assurance) strategy based on ROI realizations. This sets in motion a comprehensive QA plan that defines overall test activities carried out TLC (Testing Life Cycle). This includes scope and objective of testing, product specifications, product schedule and delivery, planning of resources, risk analysis and test deliverables.

Test Management

This phase involves a product based framework definition; process management, metrics measurement, test case development, test data preparation, test automation strategy, business reviews for ROI. Our flexible product testing services easily synchronize with your development activities and help to remove flaws, reduce release cycles, and deliver product within timeline.

Test Execution

Our QA professionals identify the test requirement, implement standardized QA and testing process and integrate the test team. Once the test environment is set, test execution is carried out at different test levels and defects are managed. We apply industry standard testing practices which enable our customers to deliver highly secured applications.

Our full range of Software and Application Testing Services includes:
  • Independent Testing Services
  • Product Testing Services
  • Functional Testing Services
  • Usability Testing Services
  • Automation Testing Services
  • Performance Testing Services
  • Security Testing Services
  • Game Testing Services
  • Compatibility Testing

#Joint-Venture (JV) model

Build your own dedicated delivery center | #Make in India

For emerging businesses around the globe, Synastute offers an opportunity to build their "own" dedicated delivery centers by virtue of JV model of partnering. Using JV model, Synastute leverages its facilities, infrastructure, domain expertise, expert engineers and delivers business value beyond mere offshore advantages. Because of the increased quality, lowered costs, faster turnaround times and 24 X 7 X 365 support, our JV model has gained unique importance & value in a very short time.