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Our responsive web design makes sure that your business is
prepared for the future mobile web.

In a fast paced business world entrepreneurs like to have information and data handy so that they can stay in touch with the latest. The ease of accessing a website or an Intranet Portal on a desktop PC has now-a-days been extended to hand-held devices as well. This has become possible due to a radical innovation in website designing and development called Responsive Web Designing (RWD).

At Synastute, our team of web developers have mastered the art of Responsive Web Designing and have continually being designing and deploying responsive web sites for our clientele over the years. Accessing a website independent of the screen size, resolution, or the make and model of the device makes it a lot easier for businesses believing in being functional round the clock.

Designing and developing Responsive Websites is an art and it takes a lot of imagination and speculation power to convey the exact layout of a would-be responsive website. This is where Synastute Development Team’s expertise comes in to picture and have developed a number of responsive websites for our clients, we can proudly state that our skills match that of the best in the industry.

Responsive Website Designing Key features:

Responsive Website Designing
  • Making an assessment about the reach and usage of Client’s website to ensure its effectiveness as a responsive website.
  • Eliminating the need to scroll horizontally or vertically while viewing a website on a Tab, iPad, iPhone or a Smartphone.
  • Flexible fluid grids allow liquid layouts to extend and adjust according to the web-browser’s dimensions and the screen size of the device.
  • Extensive and effective use of HTML and CSS programming to ensure the content fits in columns and grids in an effortless manner.

Style can be kept separated from the content of the website (because CSS media queries are used while designing a responsive website), Wordpress or Drupal based content management system can be applied as per requirement. Depending upon the outreach of businesses, designing Responsive Website is an investment worth making. If the number of users accessing any website through hand-held gadgets is comparatively more, then it is a must for that business to bid for a responsive website design.

Synastute can assist you in converting your existing website that can only be accessed through Desktop PCs to a more attractive responsive website layout.


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